Improved Cash Flow for Amazon Sellers

Selling on Amazon is no easy task. There are systems to learn and a whole new vocabulary of acronyms and rules. Additionally, Amazon terms can be 14 to 90 days. You could have multiple PO’s outstanding, short on inventory, or limited cash to restrict marketing and advertising your products. The problems can cripple many businesses. Why wait months for Amazon’s payment to clear when Smart Click Capital can advance your payments daily?

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With Smart Click Capital…

You sell your products as you always have. No drastic changes to your company’s infrastructure are necessary to receive our services.

We calculate your sales and estimate Amazon Selling fees each week. We deposit 80% of that amount directly into your bank account, accessible the next day.

Amazon’s payment goes to your Smart Click Capital bank account. When payments come into Amazon we send you the final ammount minus our processing fees.

We fund Perry’s growing 3D printing business.

Meet Perry. She is the successful owner of a small manufacturing company that sell 3D printed goods on Amazon. The business grew quickly, but waiting 60–90 days for Amazon to pay out her earnings created a cash flow challenge and forced the team to slow their growth. Smart Click Capital accelerates cash based on the revenue they generated from Amazon sales. Perry has stopped worrying about cash flow and can focus again on building her 3D printing business.



Receive your payment today for yesterday’s sales.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients process tens of millions of dollars.


Setup takes a few minutes. Approval and account creation take about a day.

Sounds Great. But How Much Does It Cost?

For a low monthly subscription of $9.95 you can request advance payment at any time for a fixed fee of only 2%.