2% Fee of the Advanced Amount


For example, you have $10,000 available in your Amazon Seller account, and you need to advance $2,000 for more inventory. Smart Click Capital can advance you the $2,000 with only a 2% fee, costing only $40 for you to keep your business running.

Customize the amount you need, as often as you need. All available for only $9.95 monthly.

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With Smart Click Capital…

2% on your advance.

We are different and only take a fee on the amount advanced, not your total sales.

Take only what you need.

We don’t require you to advance your entire sales amount. Customize the amount to fit your needs.

Daily deposits available.

We offer daily advances to support the fluctuation of your Amazon business. 

Already Have Daily Deposits?

We’ve got you covered! Smart Click Capital has a Chome Extension that notifies you daily when you can request disbursements from your Amazon Seller account. Never miss another disbursement so you can keep your cash flow moving and your business running.



Receive your payment today for yesterday’s sales.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients process tens of millions of dollars.


Setup takes a few minutes. Approval can take about a day.